Benefits of Brazilian Hair for Your Extensions

Benefits of Brazilian Hair for Your Extensions

You might be surprised to find out just how many women with long hair use extensions. A lot of women like long hair, but aren’t willing to wait for their hair to actually grow to that length. Others might have fine hair and would prefer a more voluminous look. Whatever the reason is, hair extensions can help them achieve the look they want in a matter of minutes. 

Choosing the right type of hair extensions is very important when complimenting your natural hair. With so many different choices out there, it is easy to become confused. If you want something that is versatile and natural, you can’t go wrong with Brazilian virgin hair. It is the healthiest type of hair extensions out there. Why is it so healthy? We’ll tell you all about it!

What’s Virgin Hair?

The healthiest hair extensions are natural hair extensions. However, when you go looking for extensions, you’ll notice various terms that may be very unfamiliar. The highest quality hair is virgin hair. But, what is virgin hair? Hair is considered virgin if it has never been dyed, bleached, or styled with any chemical-based process. In other words, it is untouched by harmful chemicals. This makes it easy to straighten or curl with great, lasting results. It also tends to be the best-looking extensions because it has not been altered.

Why Is Brazilian Hair Better?

Compared to other hair, Brazilian hair is naturally thick, slightly wavy, and strong. Caucasian hair is typically weak and won’t hold a style for long. Asian hair is generally straight and has difficulty being styled. That is why Brazilian hair is the first choice for discerning stylists and consumers.

Benefits of Brazilian Virgin Hair Extensions

Aside from its texture, why else is Brazilian hair considered the healthiest hair extensions? There are lots of reasons and these are some of the biggest ones.

Free From Damage

As mentioned, virgin hair has never been dyed or chemically altered. This is why it makes up the healthiest hair extensions. You can choose to use the extensions in their natural state or have them colored to match your own hair. Feel free to add color, bleach, or perm it to create the look you’ve been hoping for. You can be sure that your extensions will last a long time, even with daily wear and regular styling.

Soft and Durable

One of the greatest advantages to Brazilian hair is that it is both soft and durable. Its texture makes it easy to blend with any other type of hair. Plus, it has a luxurious look with a lot of natural shine. It looks and feels much more like your natural hair does. The density of the hair also helps you create a full look while using fewer bundles.

Thick and Strong

Brazilian hair features thick and strong strands that do not break easily. Meanwhile, the strands are flexible and have consistent volume. You do not have to fear that brushing through your hair with your fingers or a brush will cause tearing or excessive shedding.


The hair is also very versatile. You can create new hair styles every day if you want without worrying about damaging the texture or its natural glossiness. Brazilian virgin hair is naturally resistant to damage.

Colors Naturally

As any hair stylist will tell you, Brazilian hair colors naturally. Since it is real human hair, it colors just like your natural hair. This leaves it looking and feeling better even after it has been colored.

Length of Use

Snapped Hair’s Brazilian hair extensions can last for a year or more. While they may cost more than other options upfront, you’ll save a lot of money in the long-term because of how long they last.

Brazilian Hair Grades

Just like almost every other product out there, hair extensions have different levels of quality. Hair extensions are not simply good or bad. These levels of quality are called hair grades. 

Grade A

Many people consider grade A Brazilian hair to be the highest Brazilian hair grade. It has the silkiest texture and is naturally straight. Because it is highly sought after, it is also the most expensive Brazilian hair on the market.

Grade B

Grade B hair creates wavy hair extensions. While it isn’t the highest grade, it is the most popular Brazilian hair grade. Compared to grade A, it is thicker and has a slight wave. It is typically resistant to damage from sunlight and also comes in a variety of colors. From light copper to dark brown, you can find grade B Brazilian hair in just about any color.

Grade C

This is the curliest grade of Brazilian hair. Because of its curls, it is typically thicker and coarser than the other grades. You can usually find it in colors from light brown to brown. There are also different curl styles from tight curls to looser waves.

What Else Should I Look For?

Unfortunately, hair grades are mostly a marketing tactic, calling some higher grades than others. It is recommended that you look for a few other factors in addition to the hair grade.

  • Remy or Non-Remy: Remy means that all the cuticles remain intact and are facing the same direction. Remy is preferred because it makes the hair less likely to shed, tangle, and frizz.
  • Wefting Style: Hair extensions can be single-wefted or double-wefted. Double-wefted hair is preferred because it is less prone to shedding, making it last longer.
  • Weight: The weight of a bundle of hair indicates how much hair you actually get within the bundle. Generally speaking, one bundle should weigh about 95-100 grams or about 3.5 ounces.

Brazilian Hair Extensions

Several years ago, you might not have heard of Brazilian hair extensions. But their popularity has increased dramatically over the years because it is thick, strong, and beautiful.

If you do choose to get Brazilian hair extensions, make sure that any coloring or perming is handled by a professional hair stylist. You will also want to use the proper hair care products to prolong the lifespan of the extensions. Heat protectant sprays and deep conditioners are absolute must-haves! If you are unsure how to maintain the healthiest hair extensions, always ask a stylist for help.

If you're in the market for an excellent stylist, come by our location in Merrillville, IN. Not only do we carry the highest quality extensions, but we have a passion for great service. We won't stop until all of Northwest Indiana has the hair of their dreams. 

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