Real vs. Synthetic Hair

Real vs. Synthetic Hair

When you’re thinking of hair extensions, the number one question you’ll have to ask yourself is whether synthetic hair or human hair extensions are better for you. Some people might not even know there are significant differences between the options! Are human hair extensions really that much better? Check out this guide to get your answer!

Why Do People Get Hair Extensions?

There are a lot of reasons why people might want to purchase hair extensions. Here are four of the top reasons we see.

Hair Length

It is very common for people to get frustrated with their hair, feeling like it won’t grow past a certain length. If you’ve been feeling like this for a while, extensions might be the perfect solution. Instead of waiting months or even years to reach your desired length, you can achieve it in just a matter of minutes. You can even go between long and shorter hair easily as you change your mind.


A lot of people imagine dying their hair at some point or another. But they might not do it because they are worried it might look bad. They may be hesitant because they fear that it will cause serious damage to their hair. Hair extensions can make this process simple and easy. You can easily play with fun colors, an ombre look, or highlights without worrying about lasting damage. If you don’t like the results, you can take them out.


Hair loss or thinning hair can greatly affect your confidence. Hair extensions can add back that much-desired volume that you might be missing. You don’t have to worry about it being obvious that it is not your hair. If you choose high-quality extensions, they will blend in seamlessly with your natural hair.

No Damage

Yes, you read that correctly. Getting hair extensions does not damage your own natural hair in any way. Tape-ins and bonding are popular alternatives to hair extensions. However, they can, unfortunately, prevent hair growth and damage your hair. Our Brazilian hair extensions can be put in and taken out without harming your own hair.

Also, some people get their hair colored frequently. This can leave your hair with extensive damage. Overworking your hair with constant color or straightening treatments can cause damage that becomes noticeable over time. It is very hard to correct or reverse. Coloring or styling hair extensions may cause some damage, but you can easily take them out when it becomes noticeable.

Synthetic Hair vs Human Hair

As mentioned earlier, the major discussion with extensions is synthetic hair vs human hair. At Snapped Hair, we specialize in human hair because of its unmatched look, feel, and versatility.


One of the biggest drawbacks to synthetic hair extensions is that you cannot color them.  Synthetic extensions are generally flat and single-toned with unnatural-looking shades. They tend to be very warm-toned shades with no ashiness. Unfortunately, this makes them difficult to match many peoples’ hair. What you see is what you get—you can’t tone or dye them to match. With 100% Brazilian human hair extensions, you can color them any shade or color. From bright golds to deep reds, you can get these extensions to match your own natural hair or whatever look you desire.


The texture of synthetic hair extensions is almost impossible not to notice. They have a rougher, dryer texture due to the fact that they are not made from natural proteins. Because of this, they do not retain moisture. Often, they will even clump together when you touch them. Real human hair extensions have a softer, silkier, more moisturized texture.

Look and Feel

Human hair feels ultra-soft and silky. The hair that gets chosen for these extensions is healthy and will have a natural shine. With human hair extensions, it is much easier to run your fingers or a brush through. Detangling these extensions is quick and easy. Synthetic hair looks and feels less soft and silky. Some people will even be able to look at them and think that they look artificial. They are also less flexible than human hair and can be stiff when worn and touched. Detangling can be difficult because it isn’t as easy to run your fingers or brush through.


Another big factor to consider when choosing between real vs synthetic hair is whether it can be styled. You cannot curl or flat iron synthetic hair. It often singes or melts when it comes in contact with high temperatures. Natural Brazilian hair extensions can be styled just like your own hair. You are not limited in any way because it can handle higher temperatures. From curling and straightening to crimping and silk pressing, they can handle it all.


If you want hair extensions that you don’t have to worry about for a while, human hair extensions are perfect. They can last you a year or even more if you take care of them properly. Meanwhile, synthetic hair only lasts about four weeks before you will start to notice it tangling, shedding, and getting frizzy.

Choosing The Right Hair Extensions

The major deciding factor for many people buying hair extensions is the cost. While synthetic extensions typically are less expensive, that is because they lack the same quality. As mentioned earlier, they also won’t last as long. Human hair extensions cost more because of the high-quality and natural look they have. While they are an investment, they will last you much longer, making them absolutely worth the cost.

When you’ve decided that hair extensions are more your style, check out Snapped Hair. Our high-quality extensions are some of the best on the market. We offer a large variety of extensions online, and we have the best salon in Merrillville, IN. If you're looking for great service in Northwest Indiana, swing by for our excellent service today!

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