Benefits Of Real Hair Extensions

Benefits Of Real Hair Extensions

The sun is out and real hair extensions are here to make summer fun! You may be looking for a new fresh look this spring or maybe fuller volume all year round? Either way, real hair extensions have many benefits. Most believe that hair extension just gives you more length but truth is that extensions are very versatile.

When you’re looking to buy hair extensions there can be hundreds of options! Ranging from comparing synthetic hair to real hair and so many other options at your fingertips! Where do you start and what do you choose? We recommend real hair extensions and today we're talking about why!

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What Are Real Hair Extensions?

First, let’s discuss what real hair extensions are! Though the name is pretty self-explanatory, real hair extensions provide benefits that synthetic hair doesn’t. Real hair extensions are made out of real human hair from top to bottom from a donor primarily in southeast Asian countries. Human hair extensions should be washed just like your own. Make the most out of your wash days to maximize hair extension lifetime.

Real hair is durable, long-lasting, and can be styled with heat in many different ways. What’s great about real human hair extensions is just like the hair on your head, you can dye it and apply heat without melting it. Just like human hair, heat should be used with caution, not to fry/ singe hair. 

Are There Different Types Of Human Hair Extensions

Hair extensions allow you to style your hair easily while enhancing your natural look. Hair extensions are amazing for those looking to enhance their natural hair growth. Hair extensions add instant volume and length to your natural look. 

Hair extensions come in hundreds of options from different textures, colors, and lengths. They are perfect for everyday wear and/or for special occasions. Regardless of your desire to use extensions, everyone can benefit from having fun with their look without permanent change.

Human Hair extensions do come in different hairpieces and textures. Most human hair bundle extensions come in straightened hair or loose curls by curling iron. That being said, there are natural curly curled human hair extensions out there. If you’re looking for a straight hair look or extensions to fit your natural curls, human hair extensions are for you!

Hair extensions come in clip-in options and tape options. When deciding between either hair extension you want to make sure the wefts that the hair extensions are threaded onto are THIN. Thin wefts create a more realistic appearance when applied. Layered extensions that have thick wefts will create unnatural bumps throughout your head. Thin wefts won’t be a tale-tell sign that you have extensions in. As extensions are meant to enhance your natural beauty!

Tape-In Extensions

If you’re a hair extension lover who doesn’t like to leave the house without them in, tape-in extensions would be best for you! Tape-in extensions are semi-permanent lasting about 6-12 weeks when well taken care of. Taking care of your extensions is essential! They’re an alternative to clip-in extensions that should be taken in and out daily.

Tape-in extensions are safe to sleep in and are great for quick styling in everyday use! 

Clip-In Extensions

Clip-in extensions provide more versatility in hair styling. Because clip-in extensions come in all types of colors and styles, it’s easy to change your look today. Updos can be clipped in with ease as well!

Clip-in extensions should be taken in and out daily and put up to maintain the quality of the extensions. They’re easily applied with a quick 20-minute styling session.

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What Are The Benefits Of Hair Extensions?

Adds Instant Length

A huge advantage of hair extensions is the added length to your natural hair. If you have short hair and want long hair for the day, extensions are the way to go! Extensions are slightly longer when applied than on their own in appearance because extensions are applied below the crown of the head.

Adds Instant Volume

Extensions can be a confidence saver when dealing with hair thinning or hair loss. Adding some layered extensions below the crow of your head will add tremendous volume. And the best part is you can choose the length of your extensions!

Versatility In Styling

As previously mentioned, extensions provide many different options for colors and styles. Extensions for vibrant colors are easily clipped or taped in for a quick change in look. Hair extensions give you the ability to express yourself daily!

Easy And Quick To Use

Hair extensions are quick to clip in or tape in for everyday looks and special occasions. Certain hairpieces are like ponytails, making things even quicker to style. There are so many options for extensions, you can choose what’s best for you.

Natural Hair Protection

Instead of applying heat to your natural hair every day, extensions can prevent future hair damage. Popping in some extensions has never been easier. Extensions can be dyed to your preference and added to your natural hair for a new look. Unlike dying your natural hair, extensions give protection to your natural hair.

Added Confidence

Everyone’s hair journey is different and hair can be a huge source of our frustration.  Hair loss, hair thinning, texture, and brittle hair are hard to recover from. Extensions are a perfect way to neutrally enhance the frustrating aspects of your hair journey. More confidence is always a great thing!

Next, let’s talk about things to consider when using hair extensions.

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What Are Other Things To Consider About Hair Extensions?

Daily Effort To Style

Daily effort to style mostly applies when using clip-in hair extensions that must be taken in and out daily. Tape-in extensions provide a great alternative to this daily effort.

Natural Hair Comes At A Higher Price Tag

It’s no secret that natural human hair comes at a higher price tag than synthetic hair. It’s great to experiment with both to see what works for you. We always recommend Brazilian grade 7A human hair. It’s durable and silky and everyone that uses our Brazilian human hair extensions loves it.

Looking for the Best

If you’re looking for the best human hair extensions, Snapped Hair is the place for you. Not only do we sell the best quality products online, but Snapped Style Studios is one of the premier salons in Northwest Indiana. So, if you’re near Merrillville, come by and visit us today!

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