What’s The Difference Between Closures vs Clip-ins?

What’s The Difference Between Closures vs Clip-ins?

Closures and Clip-ins are the new raves for simple and efficient hairstyles! Everyone has loved this combo separately and even together because of its functionality. Have you ever wanted a simple hairpiece that doesn’t require hours to apply and style? Closures and clip-ins are hairpieces you want to consider!

What’s up with all the hype around closures and clip-ins? Both are very different but serve great functional purposes. They can even help you in your journey to natural hair growth! They are easy to apply and have different styles and lengths they come in.

Hair closures are great for low ponytails, half-do, side parts, middle parts, and more. Closures are applied in many different ways but are primarily paired with sew-ins and wigs. While clip-in hair extensions can be easily snapped in and ready to go in fifteen minutes when the style is right. Clip-ins can be taken in and out daily and are paired with your natural hair.

You may be wondering what hair extension piece is best for you or maybe why you should consider trying something new. What are the pros and cons of using hair closures? Do they go with clip-ins? There are lots of questions to be answered. Today, we’re breaking down all the good and all the bad about both options, to make sure you make the best choice for you!

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What Is a Hair Closure?

A hair closure is a front temple to temple extension made to give you versatility in parting your hair for sewing in weaves and wigs. A standard hair closure is 4x4inches, but closures may come in larger sizes. In general, closures are temple to temple hair extensions for parting your hair in the middle or to the side. 

There are a lot of great options about hair closures when choosing what you want to do with your hairstyle. For the most authentic look and quality, we recommended Brazilain grade 7A extensions. There are also some things to be mindful of when using hair closure pieces, because it may limit your hairstyling options. Here are some positives and negatives of wearing hair closure pieces.

Positives of Using Hair Closures

  • Longer closures give the appearance of a more realistic part
  • You can use closures on wigs and sew-ins
  • Closures are available in lace and silk lace for preference.
  • Closures aren’t as pricey as some alternative options.
  • Updo styles like top knots are good for closures when using an advanced technique
  • Overall, lower maintenance to put in than some alternatives like frontals.

Negatives of Using Hair Closures

  • With hair closures being only for middle and side parts, you are limited in hairstyles.
  • When gluing, gel, tape, or sewing in your hair closures you want to be cautious that when your braids grow your hair closure will eventually shift back
  • Silk base closures should be tinted or bought tinted before applying

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What Are Clip In Hair Extensions?

Hair clips in extensions are quite simple and quick for an everyday hair routine or even an on-the-go event! Hair clip extensions come in weaves with clip-ins every two to three inches of the hair weft. Snapped hair is great for all extension pieces and knowledge on how to apply them! They are great for maintaining your natural hair health and overall growth. 

Clips in hair extensions are customizable because you can cut the wear shorter along the clips to fit any size section of your head. Clip-ins are typically clipped in by sections on the head. Starting with the back in small sections and then on the sides in small sections. With great mastering, clip-in extensions can easily be applied to natural hair and styled within ten to fifteen minutes. Here are a couple of positives and a couple of things to be cautious about when using clip-in extensions!

Positives of Using Clip In Extensions:

  • Clip-in extensions come in every color, every style you can imagine (Though typically come straight)
  • Length sizing comes in 18’, 20’, and 24’ inches
  • Clip-in hair extensions are low maintenance and are a lasting beautiful hairstyle 
  • Clip-in hair extensions are removable
  • Clip-in extensions are perfect for those looking to preserve their natural hair growth
  • Straightening heat on natural hair isn’t a must to match straight extensions
  • They come in bundles when purchasing 
  • Clip-ins give great volume

Negatives of Using Clip In Extensions:

  • Maintenance of natural hair to fit the style of your extensions can be a lot of prep work (Pro tip: heavily moisturize natural hair for straight extensions)
    • With that being said learn to make the most out of hair washing days!
  • Curling clip in extension hairstyles will make a good amount of time to style to look natural to match your natural hair
  • Clip-ins can be cheaply made and bulky (Make sure you buy good quality wefts that are THIN) 
  • For everyday use, they can be high maintenance 
  • Not the best option for tender-headed people
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Hair Pieces For Women

There are many types of hairpieces that we haven’t mentioned yet! Though we love the uses and simplicity of hair closures and clip-in extensions, there are many options out there. When picking hairpieces you need to know why you want a hairpiece. Do you want to do a lot of hairstyles or are you looking for more functionality?

Both of these are important because hairpieces should benefit your needs. Hairpieces are great in some cases over wigs because of functionality and time. As previously mentioned if you are on your journey to natural hair growth, hairpieces are perfect!

Hairpieces come in synthetic hair and natural human hair. Both serve different purposes as well! Human hair is more costly, is more durable for styling, and gives a natural feel. The most common is Brazilian hair extensions for the most natural look and feel. However, synthetic hair is more cost-efficient and is so well made these days that it’s nearly the same as human hair. As similar as they can be, they still have their differences to consider when shopping for hairpieces.

Overall, closure and clip-in hairpiece options are great for everyday hairstyles though they have their strengths and weaknesses. Both provided many different lengths, styles, and some functionality differences. I hope you have gained clarity on whether closures or clip-in extensions are better for your hair styling needs!

If you’re looking for the best hair extensions, you can’t go wrong with Snapped Hair. Our online catalog of real hair extensions provides you with plenty of options and guaranteed style. Additionally, our salon, Snapped Style Studios, offers the best services in Northwest Indiana for a great price! Stop by and visit us in Merrillville today!

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