What Makes the Best Hair Extensions?

What Makes the Best Hair Extensions?

The Best Hair Extensions

In the mood to switch up the style of your hair? You can add instant length, body, and volume with hair extensions. However, with so many options available, it can be challenging to sift through and pick the right ones for your style and budget. Thankfully, there are a few ways to narrow down your choices and choose the right hair extensions for you. In this article, we’ll discuss what makes the best hair extensions, including what the best human hair extensions are and how to choose the extensions out there for you from the available hair extension brands. With the right hair extensions, you can become an even more beautiful you!

How to Determine the Best Hair Extensions

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There are a few different ways to narrow down your choices of the best hair extensions and the right type of hair extensions for you personally. Some of the top factors to consider when determining what makes the best hair extensions for you are required maintenance, lasting time, lifestyle suitability, level of quality, level of versatility, and your budget. You want your hair extensions to match the amount of time you are willing and able to put into them. You also want your extensions to last as long as possible and be suitable for your lifestyle and daily activities. By comparing the level of quality and versatility for the price, you can also maintain your budget.

Required Maintenance

Just as other factors, different extensions can require different levels and types of maintenance. However, just like your natural hair, extensions will require some maintenance. Tape-in extensions specifically need maintenance about every five to eight weeks. You’ll usually cut down on the frequency of your hair washes with tape-in extensions. Tape-in extension maintenance includes removing, re-taping, and repositioning the extensions. Clip-in extensions specifically need to be washed every six to eight times that you wear them, depending on the number of hair products you use. Other maintenance can simply affect how long your extensions last.

Lasting Time

When looking for the best extensions for you, you should also check to see whether or not the manufacturer makes them with synthetic materials or natural human hair. Human hair extensions can last longer than extensions made with synthetic materials. They can also look more like your natural hair and hold up better like your natural hair. There are also numerous other benefits to using natural hair extensions. Hair extensions can hold up against the heat and endure heat styling techniques. You can dye human hair extensions without melting them. The best human hair extensions are those with 100% human hair, such as grade 7A Brazilian. 

Lifestyle Suitability

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You also want to choose hair extensions that match your lifestyle. If you are very active on a regular basis, you want extensions that hold up through these activities and have a good lasting time. When you’re running errands, exercising, doing housework, and participating in various physical job activities, natural hair extensions make for the most durable, long-lasting extensions. If you frequently dye or use heat on your natural hair, natural hair extensions are also the best option. You can dye 100% Brazilian human hair extensions any color or shade you desire. It’s also worth noting that synthetic hair extensions don’t retain any levels of moisture.

Level of Quality 

Not all hair extension brands produce high-quality products. When it comes to a product as personal as extensions, you want to ensure that you are receiving a good product that doesn’t tangle or become matted after the first wash. Extensions can be an investment, so the highest level of quality you receive, the longer your hair extensions will last. With a higher level of quality with your hair extensions, they will also look much better visually and appear more realistic to your natural hair. One of the main goals of hair extensions is to look as real as possible. You also want extensions that blend properly into your natural hair and don’t stand out as very different.

Level of Versatility

How often do you want to be able to or even have to take out, replace, or change your hair extensions? You have to take out and reinstall tape-in extensions about every eight weeks. Every four to six weeks you have to move up tape-ins in the hair. You can reuse tape-ins about two to three times, which is about every three to six months for up to one year. Synthetic clip-in extensions don’t usually last longer than two to three months. Both types of hair extensions are highly versatile in terms of your ability to take them out and change up your look with other extensions or new extensions. You need to take out both types before you go to bed at night.

Your Budget

Arguably the biggest determining factor when deciding what makes the best hair extensions for you is your budget. You want the hair extensions you choose to match your budget. Consider how much hair and how many wefts you are receiving from a hair extension brand for your money. Even though some brands may appear more expensive at first glance, they may be providing a better deal by giving you more for your budget. Owing to their lasting time and durability, natural hair extensions come out on top here as well. As an investment, look at how long a type of extension can last along with  how much it costs.

The Best Hair Extensions for You

There are many different factors to consider when choosing which hair extensions are right for you. Among the top considerations to narrow down your choices are the amount of required maintenance, lasting time, lifestyle suitability, level of quality, level of versatility, and the budget you’re working with. Real hair extensions are overall the best extensions for lasting time, lifestyle suitability, level of quality, and your budget. For high-quality natural hair extensions, look at Snapped Hair’s website or visit the Merrillville, IN location in Northwest Indiana.

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